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Why Worry About What They Think?

Why Worry About What They Think? | Note 552


Do you listen to what they say?

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Today’s note: Why Worry About What They Think?
Everyone has an opinion. So what!
Sure, you can listen and believe what they say. Or you can believe in what you are doing and forge ahead.
Friends, family, or strangers will block your growth if you let them. People will stunt your progress intentionally, while others will do it unintentionally.
Looking at life optimistically, we want to believe that people have the best intentions when they share their opinions and advice, but that’s not always the case.
You may not realize it, but when you listen to a brunch of options and advice from people, you limit your potential.
People aren’t always going to give you the best advice and aren’t always happy for you.
People with the best intentions often will project their fears upon you if you let them.
They may be fearful because it didn’t work for them, or secretly they may not want you to do and be better than they are.
With that in mind, now is a better time than ever to overcome the fear of not trusting your own judgment.
Most importantly, overcome believing that someone else’s opinion is always the truth.
Surround yourself with people who inspire you and bring out your best. Hang out with people that can offer expert opinions and advice, but also don’t forget when you worry about the opinions of others, you give them your power — you restrict your happiness.
So, why worry about what they think?




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