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Why Do Sh*t You Hate? | Note 127

Are you inviting unnecessary emotional stress?

Hate is a strong word. By definition, the word hate is to feel intense or to have a passionate dislike.
You won’t always like everything and everyone, but when you evoke a word like hate, you’re inviting unnecessary emotional stress. It’s one thing to struggle with doing what you don’t feel like doing at the moment, but when you continue to do stuff you despise so much to the point of hate, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
Some will say push through, but why? What are you solving when you continue to torture yourself doing things you hate? What lesson are you learning?
Look, start doing things you love, things that make you happy, and things bring you joy.
Or keep doing sh*t you hate and feeling the way you feel. Either way, it’s your choice, but if you continue to do things that don’t make you happy or bring you joy, please ask yourself this question: Why do sh*t you hate?




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