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What Won’t Get You There

What Won’t Get You There | Note 574


What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?


Lack of commitment.
Lack of planning.
Lack of motivation.
Lack of focus.
Lack of discipline.
I could go on and on about the things stopping you from reaching your goals.
From making excuses to being stuck in perfectionism, turning your goals into a reality is difficult.
But. Yes, there is a but. What if I told you that what really prevents people from reaching their goals is not committing to their future self?
Your current and future self are two different people.
Who you are right now is not the same person you will be if and when you accomplish your goals.
Obviously, you can’t predict the future, but you can map out who you want to be and work towards that.
It starts with figuring out who you want to be, understanding what you want to do, and deciding what you want to have in the future.
Not knowing who you want to be in the future is what won’t get you there.




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