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Too Much Saying I Can’t | Note 177

Change is hard, but it’s possible.

It’s okay to feel the way you do. It’s not okay to believe that you have to continue to feel that way or that you can’t change. Change is hard, but it’s possible.
I’ve changed so much over the years. I always believed that I could, and I’m grateful that I did. I’ve never suffered from low self-esteem. I always believed that I could do anything and that anything was possible. I’ve always been optimistic about life. I’m extremely friendly most of the time. However, with people, I was the queen of pessimism deep down. I’ve grown a lot. I’m still cautious with people, and I always follow my intuition, but I’ve learned to be a bit more optimistic with people.
Instead of always saying, I can’t with people I learned to open up a bit more.

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Today’s Note: Too Much Saying I Can’t

Decide where you want to go in life and get going. You are free to decide to be happy and leave fear and doubt behind you. Too much negative thinking and too much of saying I can’t, or it’s impossible, will keep you from doing anything. The thought that you can’t do something must die a quick death right now. To live the life you want, you must believe you are capable.
It may take a day.
It may take a week.
It may take a month.
It can take a year.
Regardless of how long it takes, are you ready for the things you want?
It’s okay to start over. 
It’s okay to do things differently. 
It’s okay to walk away.
It’s okay to make new friends.
It’s okay to say f*ck it.
It’s okay to decide to pivot. 
It’s okay to not be okay.
Today is the day that you may need to realize it’s okay!
You can. Stop saying I can’t.



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