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Too Many Opinions, Not Enough Experts | Note 146

Are people offering solutions to your problem or opinions?

There is a difference between an opinion and expert advice. If you’re stuck trying to decide, it’s time to simplify the process by seeking expert advice, not an opinion.
When something goes through too many hands, the chance that something will go wrong increases. And seeking too many opinions isn’t any different.
Everyone has a firm opinion on everything, including what’s best for you. You’ll end up spinning your wheels if you listen to too many different opinions. Instead of seeking opinions, why not seek expert advice from someone that has found a solution to the same problem you’re experiencing?
Too many options, too many directions, too many opinions, and not enough solutions won’t solve anything. All it will do is give you too much to think about.
Stop letting other people’s opinions guide you if you’re seeking success. Limit the number of opinions you receive. Instead, make clear, concise decisions based on your gut feelings and seek expert advice, not too many opinions.



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