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Nobody Cares How Hard It Is For You | Note 147

Who is vested in you and your circumstances?

As an only child, early life lessons taught me it was best to rely on myself. I learned that it was okay to be my own best friend. I learned I could figure out things for myself and it was okay to be okay with me. More importantly, I learned to love myself more than anybody else. It may sound selfish to someone who doesn’t understand, but when you’re an only child from a small family, you almost have no one except yourself.

Sure, you have teachers, and you make friends, but I understood quickly that aside from your parents, no-one will ever care about you the way you care for yourself.

I accepted the harsh truth early in life that it’s not personal. Some people won’t care about how hard you have it unless it affects them because they have their circumstances to worry about. 

I grew up self-confident, feeling unconditionally loved, comfortable in my skin, and uncompromising with all things Tam. Unlike the myths and perceived drawbacks of being an only child, I was happy, a social butterfly when I felt like being one, and I was equally okay with retreating to my thoughts without a care in the world. I learned quickly to do me unapologetically.

Today’s Note: Nobody Cares How Hard It Is For You


When people say, “nobody cares,” that’s not true. Somebody cares. You care. 

You owe it to yourself to never give up.
You owe it to yourself to be successful.
You owe it to yourself to accomplish your goals.
You owe it to yourself to care how hard it is and to do it, anyway.

Most people are too caught up in their own sh*t to care about what you are going through. If you’re lucky, somebody — a friend, a family member, or spouse — is vested in you and your circumstances. But mostly, nobody cares how hard it is for you, but so what. You care.




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