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That Gnawing Feeling

That Gnawing Feeling | Note 522


Do you ever wonder what your gut feeling might be trying to tell you?

I rarely ignore my intuition, but sometimes it can be hard to decide when you aren’t quite sure what language that voice in the back of your head is speaking.
Recently, I made a not so great decision. Well, let’s just say it was an expensive decision. I made a purchase I wasn’t sure about, even though my gut told me it probably wasn’t a great idea. You know that hunch that you shouldn’t do it.
Well, I did it anyway. I did it because I wasn’t sure if I didn’t want to spend a large chunk of money at one time or if I really didn’t want to make the purchase for another reason.
Needless to say, I failed to take my own advice. I did not listen to my intuition.
If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no! That’s the rule.
Listening to your inner voice is critical. Your gut feeling rarely, if ever, leads you astray when your instincts and thoughts are in tune.
The sense that something is missing in your life or something is wrong — that inner tug of war — is a sign for you to turn inward and trust there’s something up with that gnawing feeling.




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