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Stop Lying To Yourself

Stop Lying To Yourself | Personal Development | Note 494


Are you ashamed of the things you really want in life?

The lies you are telling yourself are getting in your way.
You want a bigger house. It’s okay.
You hate your job. It’s okay.
You want to be more adventurous. It’s okay.
You want to feel important to others. It’s okay.
You want more affection and attention from your significant other. It’s okay.
You want recognition for your talent. It’s okay.
You want to silence your self-limiting beliefs. It’s okay.
You want more out of life. It’s okay.
It’s okay to feel the way you feel.
It’s not okay not to do something about it.
You hurt yourself and maybe even others when you keep lying to yourself.
So, stop lying to yourself.





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