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Start By Making One Decision | Note 027

Do you know you are who you are because of the decisions you did or didn’t make?


I just started the Sincerely HER Podcast, and I’m building my audience, but I struggled with deciding whether to share today. Perhaps no one would have noticed I skipped a day, but my spirit spoke to me, and I realized the decision not to share a bite-sized motivational note today is not an option. If my message is only heard by one person, that one person needed to hear it.
In support of Black Out Tuesday, I’ve added a link to some Anti-Racism resources below.

Anti-Racism Resources:
Books, Movie Recommendations, and More


Today’s Note: Start By Making One Decision

Do you know deciding not to decide is a decision?
Do you know you are who you are because of the decisions you did or didn’t make?
You were created to think, feel, and decide.
You have a choice.
You have a decision.
Your life and where you are now is an accumulation of all your decisions. Knowing that, don’t make decisions now your future self will regret later. You have the opportunity to accomplish anything. It all starts with deciding.
You have to decide to do something.
Decide to be happy.
Decided to be healthy.
Decide to be wealthy.
The decision is yours.
Start by making one decision.






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