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Show Up | Note 026

If you want to accomplish any goal, you must show up.


The past couple of days have been wild, to say the least. Because of all the unrest and protesting that is happening across the US, I have struggled with deciding on what to say.
I’ve not posted much on Twitter or Instagram. My intentions are always to pass along encouraging words and to spread a motivational message. However, after posting Friday’s podcast episode, which is titled “I am not a victim,” I realized the title might not have been well-received considering everything going on in the world. If you listened to my words, I’m sure you understood my message.
Since posting the last podcast, I’ve sat back in silence and watched all the events unfold, searching for the right words to share this week. For a moment, I even questioned if I should share or take the easy way out and simply read a quote from a book.
What I realized is that it’s okay to retreat, but it’s better to show up.

Today’s Note: Show Up

If you want to accomplish any goal, you must show up.
If you want to overcome any obstacle, you must show up.
Once you have decided to show up, give yourself a chance.
Get clear on your goals.
Decide what you want out of life.
Make better choices.
Start small.
Be prepared.
To do anything in life, you must show up.






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