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What Are You Devoted To

Self-Improvement | What Are You Devoted To? | Note 291

To be devoted is to be determined.

Devotion is dangerous. Devotion is scary. Devotion is rewarding. Devotion is commitment. Devotion is such a strong word. In fact, it’s not a word you hear often. When is the last time you’ve heard that word?

You may not hear the word often, but you are engaged in activities each day that expose your level of commitment — your level of devotion.

To be the best takes commitment. It takes devotion. To be devoted is to be determined.
You must be absolutely determined to succeed.
You must be absolutely devoted to what you are doing if you want to be successful.
You are at your best when your mind and actions are focused — when you are determined.
What are you determined to be?
What are you determined to do?
What are you determined to have?
Now ask yourself, what are you devoted to?



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