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The Magic of Believing

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Do you know there is general magic in believing?

As Claude Bristol writes in his book, The Magic of Believing, “Belief is the motivating force that enables you to achieve your goal. If you are ill and embedded deeply within you is the thought or belief that you will recover, the odds are that you will. It’s the belief or the basic confidence within you that brings outward material results.”
There is something to be said about making up your mind to do something and believing you can do it.
Believing is the motivating force that enables you to achieve your goal. It is your beliefs that can either destroy or motivate you.
The idea of thought is power, and you are the product of your thoughts.
Everything you have and don’t have is a byproduct of what you believe you can be, do, and have. Whatever you focus your imagination upon, you attract.
I have long believed that anything is possible and that anything can happen. What helps bring it to pass is hope and the magic of believing.




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