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Have You Peaked in Life

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Do you believe that you have already peaked in life?

“My best days are behind me!” Have you ever heard someone utter these words? Perhaps you have used them yourself?
I heard someone say this last week, and I cringed.
Maybe it’s me, but I feel like anything is possible. Anything can change. It’s never too late to be great or do great things. It’s never too late to have more great days ahead.
Admittedly, the topic of peaking has weighed on me. For a quick second, I thought, are my best days behind me?
I even googled “peaking in life” and read a few articles, including one that offered a handy chart illustrating the ages you peak at everything in life.
And then it clicked. Who are these people writing this BS? Who’s to say when you will peak in life?
Sure, as you get older, you will decline physically. Mentally things will change, but are you determining your fate when you give in and accept that you have peaked?
I don’t know about you, but I will never give up and settle. I won’t be satisfied and utter the words I have peaked. And I hope you don’t either.
Chances are you have peaked in life if you start asking have you peaked in life.





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