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Accept Who You Are

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Self-acceptance is vital to make any meaningful change.

Writing notes is just my thing. I can’t explain it. I love pencil and paper. I love the notes app on my MacBook Pro and iPhone. Hell, I just love writing short notes. As you can imagine, I have many old notebooks and all kinds of short sayings and statements floating around. 
I was looking for some notes I wrote a while ago about running a workshop and came across something I wrote about myself.
“I spent my entire life trying to figure it out when, in fact, I had all the answers. I know because I was always successful in helping others. I also knew from when I was a very little girl who I was.”
I wrote that two years ago. I’m not sure why because the rest of my notes I jotted down before and after that statement had nothing to do with each other.
I know I have all the answers within me, and I always knew who I was. You can spend a lifetime figuring it out, or you can accept who you are.
Accepting who you are is hard for some people.
Accepting who you really are doesn’t mean you can’t change.
Accepting who you are at this moment allows you to love yourself.
Accepting who you are is difficult. Once you do, you put yourself in a better position to be happy. 
Self-acceptance is vital to make any meaningful change.
Start with accepting all your flaws, imperfections, mistakes, the good about you, and the not-so-good.
Appreciate where you are, where you have been, and where you can go in the future.
Practicing unconditional self-love and not worrying about who you think you’re supposed to be will help you accept who you are.



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