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Motivation | Focus on a Done List | Note 271

We all want to feel good, right?

A done list is a list of all the things you’ve already done. It’s a list of what you’ve accomplished. Why do you need one?
It’s a reminder of what you still need to do while also giving you a sense that you are making progress. Keeping track of your progress not only provokes positive emotions but also motivates you to keep going.
The power of reaching milestones makes us feel good. We all want to feel good, right?
Whether you keep a done list for each project you work on or simply write down your wins for the week on Saturday morning, keeping a done list will help you become more grateful for the progress you are making and increase your success.
Think of your done list as a list of wins or progress towards your ultimate goal.
No matter how much you think you have to do or how much you place on your to-do list, focus on a done list.



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