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Replace Bad Thoughts With Good Thoughts | Note 076

Why not change your thinking and your language?


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Today’s note: Replace Bad Thoughts With Good Thoughts

Be careful with your self-talk.
Be mindful of the language you use.
You are what you believe you are.
If you are always telling yourself you can’t do it, it’s hard, I am not good at this, I’ll never be able to, good things never happen to me, and any other negative self-talk, guess what? You can’t, you won’t, and you will never be able to.
Why not change your thinking and your language?  
When you have self-limiting beliefs, stop. Tell yourself you can do it, it’s easy, I am good at this; I am able, and good things always happen to me.
Help yourself.
Become more positive and optimistic. Replace bad thoughts with good thoughts.






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