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It's Time to Say F**k It to What People Think of You.

Quote | It’s Time to Say F**k It to What People Think of You. | Note 328


Approval is like anything else in this life.

It’s time to care less about what people think of you and feel what it is like to be free.
It’s time to say F**k It!
As I continue to explore the words of John Parkin’s from his book F**K It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way, I’m offering you another quote from the book.
“Approval is like anything else in this life: it can cause pain if it has a lot of meaning for you, if you’re attached to it. This is not to say that if people are prostrating themselves at your feet and telling you how wonderful you are, you shouldn’t enjoy it. But if you believe you won’t be happy until every last damn citizen of this planet is worshipping you, then you’re in for a hard time. So start to say F**k It to what people think of you.”




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