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Say fck it to plans and goals

Personal Development | Say F**k It to Plans and Goals | Note 327


A goal is the more anal twin brother of the plan.


I had so many big plans. I set so many big goals. I conquered and completed most of my plans. I achieved some of my goals. Keyword “some.” Does that make me a failure? Hell no!

Things happened. Sometimes you have to say Fuck It! Sometimes you let go and dream a bigger dream. Life happens. Sometimes plans change. And it’s okay.
“Plans and goals. A goal is the more anal twin brother of the plan. The plan dreams about what he wants to do; the goal then Saying F**k It gets really focused and sets some deadlines for achieving these things. They’re a very popular team, and lots of people like them and use their services.
The problem for a lot of people is that they don’t really know what they want. They have vague desires: to ‘do something creative’ or to earn more money or ‘to be free’, but they can’t really pin down what it is precisely that they want. So they drift from one thing to another; enjoying some moments and hating others, but never really finding fulfillment or success (whatever that means to them).
When you don’t really know what you want in life, the world can be very sympathetic and throw suggestions your way. But they often have no relevance to what you really need, because no one even knows what they want (like you).
This is why it’s hard to lead a successful life (whatever that means to you) when you don’t know what you want. A very vague message is sent out to the world, and you get only vague or inappropriate stuff back.
Say f**k it to plans and goals.




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