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Quit Trying Harder | Note 112

More of the same usually gives you more of the same.

Learning when to quit is just as valuable as going harder. The advice you usually receive is to try harder. No one ever flat out tells you to quit. Sadly, people ignore their intuition when the universe or that higher power they believe in tries to steer them in a different direction.
I learned very early in life to move on. In fact, I’ve been called a professional ghoster. I leave any situation or anyone when it doesn’t feel right. I’m guilty of not trying to make it work. I’m guilty of not trying harder.
For what?
As mentioned in yesterday’s episode of the Sincerely HER Podcast, the book “You2: A High-Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps” inspired each note this week.
Today’s Note: Quit Trying Harder
“More of the same” usually gives you more of the same.” If you keep following old patterns of thoughts and action you’ll usually keep getting the same results.
Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you’ll end up with incremental gains at best. And if you keep trying harder, you’ll risk wasting your time and complete burnout. More effort isn’t always the correct approach.
Sometimes the only way to win is to shift gears and explore a fresh approach. You can keep doing more of the same, but if you want to make a quantum leap, quit trying harder.




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