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Play Hurt | Note 073

Why do we resist doing the work when we are dealing with personal issues?


“The athlete knows the day will never come when he wakes up pain-free. He has to play hurt.” 

The quote I just read is from the book “The War of Art — Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield.

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The War of Art is pure art. There are so many gems in this book, but one theme that resonates throughout the book is resistance.

Why do we resist doing the work when we are dealing with personal issues? Is it possible to continue working when you’re trying to heal? It sure is. 


Today’s Note: Play Hurt

To wait for ideal conditions is a form of resistance. What are you really waiting for anyway?
Creativity can’t be touched. And your personal life is separate from your work life. At least it should be. We all need some form of healing from time to time, but what does it have to do with you producing good work? What does it have to do with you being creative?
The more energy you use to heal your personal issues, the less likely you are to do your work. Your healing becomes a form of resistance. But the work still needs to be done. We still need to create. Why not do the work and stop feeding into resistance?
Here’s another quote from the book. “The part we create from can’t be touched by anything our parents did, or society did. That part is unsullied, uncorrupted; soundproof, waterproof, and bulletproof.”
This may be harsh to hear, but you have to play hurt!






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