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Stuck in the Past

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What’s more important to you, where you’ve been or where you are going?

Why did I share all those stories from the past? That’s what I asked myself after hanging out with a friend for seven hours at the SoHo House. If you don’t know, the Soho House is a private members’ club notorious for its selective membership policy where you go to relax, meet, eat, and chill.
To be honest, I was disappointed with myself for talking so much about what was. You’re probably wondering why. Well, it’s simple. The past is in the past. I should talk more about the future and where I am going, not where I’ve been.
You may not realize this, but dwelling too much on what has already happened and talking about the good old days can hold you back.
There is nothing wrong with reminiscing about great times in the past. However, it’s important not to get stuck there. In fact, too much reminiscing about what was may prevent you from moving into what is and what could be.
Your goal should be to move forward in life, not backward. Moving forward with intention will help you create a new life you love and help prevent you from wandering through life without a clear purpose. You don’t have to waste time or buy into your best days being behind you.
You have every right to push ahead into a new chapter of your life and not to be stuck in the past.





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