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I Know All It Takes Is One Thing

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Does time heal all wounds?

Time is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, time allows us to grow, change, accomplish our goals, focus our efforts, and self-reflect. Then, on the other hand, things can change for better or worse in the blink of an eye. We think we have all the time in the world, but do we?
How you decide to use the opportunity that time affords you will shape your present, past, and future.
Time is about how you use it. Time is also about understanding life can be unpredictable and that it only takes one thing to change everything forever.
A Tweet from @TheCoolestCool reminded me of this. The tweet read:
“All it takes is one. One book. One course. One newsletter. One blog post. One podcast episode. One Twitter thread. One video. One essay. One piece of content to completely change your life.”
And that tweet inspired today’s affirmations.
Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down.
I know all it takes is one thing to change my life.
Changing one habit can change my life.
Producing one video can change my life.
Writing one blog post can change my life.
Finding clarity in one area of my life can change my life.
Doing one thing differently can change my life.
Making one small decision can change my life.
The confidence to try one new thing can change my life.
Believing I can achieve anything I want in life can change my life.
I know all it takes is one thing.
Use these affirmations when you first wake up or when you are about to go to bed for the best results. Add emotions to your affirmations. Feel the meaning in the words as you repeat them. Don’t just say the words. Feel and believe they are true.





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