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Compare Yourself To People You Look Up To

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Don’t worry about why not me or why them.


You have heard it a million times. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Unfortunately, we compare the worst of ourselves to the best of others. And, all that comparing can be triggering.
I’m going to offer a different way to reframe comparison. Instead of pouring on example after example of how your confidence is shaken and how your self-esteem takes a beating from constantly comparing yourself to your friends or some random person you follow on social media, try a healthier way.
What if I told you it’s okay to compare yourself to other people when that person is your hero, and as the young folks would say, he/she is goals? Comparing yourself to people you look up to will help you look inside yourself and help you strive to be better when done healthily.
Don’t worry about why not me or why them. Figure out how it can be you. Study the successes and failures of those who have achieved what you have set out to do. Remember, you may be at day one, and they are on day 5,365.
It’s okay to take a healthy approach to compare yourself to people you look up to.



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