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Overcoming Chronic Pain

Overcoming Chronic Pain | Note 332


The impact that chronic pain can have on your life can be frightening. 

Think positively. Distract yourself. Visualize the good. Breathe deeply. Sleep. Work through it. These are just a few suggestions people will offer someone who is suffering in pain.

Hi. I am Tam. I’m not only the Queen of Bite-Sized Motivation, but I am also someone who suffers from chronic pain.

If you listened to the Sincerely HER Podcast daily, I’m sure you were wondering where have I been the past two weeks. 

Let me start by saying we should never underestimate the psychological effects of chronic pain. Pain can and will disrupt your physical and mental health. And for the past two weeks, the pain has interrupted my life. I’ve passed out twice from pain, shed a few tears, been unable to walk or sit, fatigue, unable to sleep, and found myself in the hospital with an IV and morphine in my arm.

I rarely speak about it, but I’ve suffered from acute and chronic back pain for more than half my life. I use the word acute, because sometimes I’m okay, and it sneaks up on me. Then sometimes it’s chronic and I think it’s never going to go away. 

The past couple of weeks it’s been chronic and unbearable. I try my best to avoid thoughts of depression, anxiety, and mood fluctuations when I’m in pain.

I remind myself that life isn’t perfect. This is just a moment in time. This is not a defining moment. I tell myself to do what I can, and it’s okay if I can’t at this moment. 

The impact that chronic pain can have on your life can be frightening. I’m sharing a small portion of my story, hoping I can help someone who may experience physical or mental pain.

What and how you decide to work through pain is your choice. However, I offer you this advice. If the only thing you get from today’s note is this. 

Do your best to reduce stress as much as possible, appreciate everything, let go of perfection, and most importantly, practice self-care if you are struggling to overcome chronic pain.





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