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Past or Future

Motivation | Past or Future? | Note 503


Do you ever think about the person you want to be in the future?


Thinking a lot about the future of the Sincerely HER podcast, I decided to do a few things differently now that I have reached 500 notes. Typically on Wednesdays, I offer a quote. This week, I switched things up, and I wanted to drop a nugget to make you think and motivate you to keep going.
We derive much of what we do from our past self — the person we used to be. In actuality, we should decide based on our future self — the person we want to be — who matters the most.
The longer you continue to look at and make decisions based on your past, the longer you will continue to miss out on the things waiting for you in the future and everything that comes with it.
It’s your choice to decide on the past or future.




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