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Shun the Negative

Mindset Tip | Shun the Negative | Note 502


Does negativity entrap your thought process?


I drove two hours for a day party at the Soho Desert House during Coachella. Sparing you the details, I could not find the parking location for the event. After 45 mins of driving around, I threw in the towel. In fact, I went shopping and drove home.
Was I mad? Not really. I choose to see the positive.
I went shopping. Sh*t happens. It’s how you process what happens that matters.
Negative situations are sometimes unavoidable.
Negative thoughts and feelings have a way of creeping in uninvited.
Negative people are lurking and waiting on an opportunity to penetrate your happy bubble.
It’s up to you to decide how you react to negative people, feelings, and situations.
We are surrounded by negativity. Ups and downs, unfortunately are part of life.
Changing the way you think and choosing whether or not to focus on the positive or negative is your choice.
You can get bent out of shape, or you can decide to shun the negative.




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