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A Well-Defined Purpose in Life

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Some people discover their purpose early in life.

Can you believe 2022 is here? Well, we still have ten days left in the year, but that doesn’t mean you should put your plans on hold. There is no better time to work on your future than today.
The week before last, I shared excerpts from Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book Think and Grow Rich. Today and the rest of this week, I want to jump back into the book and talk about what Hill believes to be the thirty major causes of failure.
Many of these involve a “lack of” something, but I don’t want to dwell on the word lack. We live in abundance, right?
Many of you have big plans for 2022, and some of you will succeed. Unfortunately, many of you will continue to make the same mistakes you did last year and the year before.
I’m sharing a tip each day this week to help you recognize what may hold you back from succeeding. I want to help you avoid failure.
Many people struggle to discover their purpose. Some people discover their purpose early in life, while others take a lifetime to figure it out if they do at all. Without finding your purpose in life, you may drift.
Many believe that when you discover your “why” in life, you find your purpose. Reading, trying new things, surrounding yourself with a community, sharing, and living in gratitude are just a few ways to figure out your purpose.
Also know, it’s okay if you decide you don’t want a purpose. What’s important is, above all is focusing on being happy now.
Of Napoleon Hill’s 30 major causes of failure, a lack of a well-defined purpose in life is number two. Hill writes, “LACK OF A WELL-DEFINED PURPOSE IN LIFE. There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose or definite goal at which to aim. Ninety-eight out of every hundred of those whom I have analyzed had no such aim. Perhaps this was the major cause of their failure.”
Do you have a definitive goal for 2022?
What are you aiming for?
Have you thought about your well-defined purpose in life?





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