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Manifesting: What Do You Desire in Life? | Note 183

What are you saying to yourself?


I was a traveling, non-planning fool for a long time. I would show up in countries all around the world without a plan and no hotel accommodations. My last international trip was to South East Asia, where I flew from Los Angeles to Singapore, then to Malaysia from there Bangkok, and then I traveled to a few places outside of Bangkok. I eventually hopped on a plane and went over to Krabi, and then I took a ferry to Phi Phi Island. I flew back to Bangkok. Circled back to Singapore, then stopped in Tokyo before coming back to the US.

You’re exhausted listening, right? And I was exhausted the most of the trip. I had a ball. However, being “Last Minute Tam” caught up with me. 

I can go into detail about the trip, but I’ll spare you. I’ll say this. While in Japan, a city I have visited many times, I thought, I can’t wait to get home. I never feel like that. I was so tired of the hustle and bustle, I said, “I’m done traveling for a while.”

Here’s the thing. Be careful what you put into the universe. Little did I know, I wouldn’t take another international trip for almost two years. What? Not plane hoping Tam. Yes, Tam.

What you speak, how you feel, and your thoughts all play a part in manifesting what you want and don’t want.


Choose your words wisely.
Choose your thoughts wisely.
Choose your actions wisely.
Choose the things you want in your life wisely.

What are you saying to yourself? Your thoughts and actions have consequences, so be careful. Are you intentional about what and how you are manifesting your life?

Melanie Springs, speaker and one Kick-ass human offer these four tips to manifesting the life you want. 

Manifesting is NOT a secret.
Get clear.

Manifesting creates space to show evidence.
Get your pencil and paper out and start writing.

Manifesting is detailed.
Get detailed on everything from how you feel when you wake up to what you ate for breakfast.

Manifesting is you doing the work.
Get moving. Start right now.

Manifest what you desire in life.



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