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Love Yourself and What You Do

Love Yourself and What You Do | Note 422


Do you do things you hate doing?

During a recent discussion with members of my book club, someone observed that I didn’t seem thrilled when I talked about the Sincerely HER Podcast. Their exact words were that I seemed annoyed. Yikes.
Admittedly, I was shocked. Why? Because I don’t feel like that, and I wasn’t sure what I said that gave that impression.
I love sharing my bite-sized motivational notes with you. I love helping people find clarity. I love motivating people.
When I thought about it, I realized I love doing the podcast, but there are times, like with the NASCAR podcast I used to host and produce, where I can get annoyed with the technical aspects of creating a podcast. You know, recording audio, editing audio, uploading files, organizing blogs.
In fact, one of the reasons I don’t do that many interviews on this podcast is because editing interviews is time-consuming. By the way, check out the interview I’m dropping tomorrow with Ingrid Lill. You do not want to miss it, especially if you struggle to find your superpower.
I use a considerable amount of time writing, recording, editing, and producing this podcast. I always encourage you to try new things, and this week, I took my advice. I’m trying out the Podcastle app. If you are like me, I have a lot going on. And I love when I discover a new tool to speed up my productivity.
The Podcastle app is a great way to record high-quality audio, and their “magic dust” feature helps you remove background noise and enhance your speech. Podcastle also has a super awesome feature called the Revoice that allows you to edit any audio by editing the text. Um, how crazy is that?
I know you’re probably thinking, but I’m not a Podcaster. No worries. They designed the app for podcasters, educators, and anyone who needs help recording, editing, or converting text to audio. To get started, take the jump over to And thank you, Podcastle, for sponsoring today’s podcast and making my life easier.
Taking care of yourself and loving what you do plays a big part in loving yourself more. This statement may rub people the wrong way, but I wonder how you can be truly happy if you continue to punish yourself by doing things you hate?
I get it; we do what we need to do sometimes to do the things we really want to do. Loving yourself and what you do isn’t selfish.
Self-love can mean many things to different people, but self-love, happiness, and self-compassion are vital to your mental health and well-being.
Know yourself.
Forgive yourself.
Listen to yourself.
Stop comparing yourself.
Take responsibility for yourself.
Be honest with yourself.
Have self-compassion for yourself.
Prioritize your self-care for yourself.
And stop doing things you hate if for nobody else but yourself.
It’s hard to find true happiness or enjoy life when you do things you hate. Being happy with yourself can be one of the hardest, yet most important, things you’ll ever do.
A great place to start, though, is by loving yourself and what you do.



Podcast note:
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