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Be That Person

Be That Person | Note 423


Have you decided who you really want to be?


“Nothing hurts like seeing yourself getting older with no progress in your life.” I randomly came across this quote in the comments of a YouTube video.
What if I told you, you can’t be who you really want to be until you become that person? You heard me correctly.
The key for many things in life is to decide to be. You’ve heard me talk about BE-DO-HAVE many times. There is no better time than now to gasp this life-altering concept.
Be the person you want to be.
Do the things the person you truly want to be would do.
Have what you want to have.
Believe you already have everything that the person you want to be would have. Start doing things from a state of being, and you will get the things you always wanted. To have is the result of who we choose to be and what we do.
Sadly, many people don’t like who they are. And even worse, many people do not realize they have the power to change.
Before you can become who you want to be, you must first take responsibility for who you are at this moment, forgive yourself, and move on. Life is waiting for you to show up. Figure out who you want to be and be that person.



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