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Living In The Middle

Living In The Middle | Note 512


Are you okay being mediocre?


Somehow I started living in the “middle.” And let me tell you, being in the middle isn’t a fun way to live. At least not for me.
Being in the middle is a habit of mediocre people.
You see, mediocre people tend to be chronic procrastinators and mentally checked out.
I’m here to be great. I will only strive to be great, do great things, and have greatness around me. How about you?
Have you ever thought that settling for the comfortable option will keep you spinning your wheels in mediocrity?
Who wants to be mediocre? I know I don’t. You probably don’t either.
Choosing to be mediocre is your decision to make.
Choosing to be great is your decision to make.
It’s your choice to seek an extraordinary life or continue to live in the middle.




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