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Let Go of All Your Baggage | Note 057

Bad energy will weigh you down.


If you have listened to any of my previous podcasts, you know I grew up feisty and not caring about what people think. A lot of the reason I didn’t care is that I always felt no one would say anything to my face.

What you don’t know is I always made mental notes about people who wronged me. I kept a running list of people and situations that I thought did me wrong and didn’t deserve my energy. I did this so long until I realized it was weighing me down.

To be free, I had to move on and forgive. I had to learn to let go of all my baggage.


Today’s Note: Let Go of All Your Baggage


Deciding to move on and let go of people and situations is difficult but necessary. Like a pile of dirty laundry, the longer you wait to wash, the bigger the pile becomes until one day it becomes a smelly pile of sh*t.

Perhaps that’s not the best metaphor, but you get the picture.

Having a pile of emotional sh*t taking up space in your head is even worse.

Accept what has happened.
Evaluate what part you played in the situation.
Fully understand what lesson it taught you and move on.

Let go of all your baggage.






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