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Learn Through Loss

Learn Through Loss | Note 462


Can you think of any lessons you insisted on learning the hard way?

Life has a funny way of teaching you some valuable lessons. And how you learn those lessons can be difficult. Those lessons usually come through the loss of something.
Have you ever thought about all the times your parents tried to tell you something, but you did it anyway — you had to see for yourself? For those of you who are parents, I’m sure you have told your kids not to do something, but they did it anyway, only to find out you were right and they were wrong. I know I sure have.
The older I get, the more I have realized many of the things my mother said — that annoyed me at the time — were spot on. But I’m glad I learned some lessons through trial and error. Thankfully, I listened to my mother mostly. Listening shielded me from any significant losses.
Mistakes can be valuable life lessons. But if you continue to make the same mistakes over and over, it will cost you in more ways than one.
In life, you will lose friends. You will lose jobs. You will lose money, and you will lose one of the most valuable assets in the world — time. You will lose something. It’s a part of life. But learning is as well.
So, instead of repeating the same mistakes, and continuing to keep losing, reflect on what you have learned and how you could do better the next time to avoid the same situation. Keep moving forward and learn through loss.





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