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Give Me Plain Text

Give Me Plain Text | Note 463


Do you believe that sometimes the most effortless and simplistic things in life have the best value?

We spend much of our lives online.
We are so attached and connected to programs and various productivity tools that we give ourselves excuses not to be productive the moment we are offline.
Do you ever think about being offline?
Today, I received an email from author Derek Sivers and in that email titled “Write Plain Text Files,” he offers so many intriguing reasons why the best way to organize your thoughts is to keep it simple with plain text.
Derek writes, “OFFLINE. There are places and times when you can’t get online. Don’t depend on any tool that needs an internet connection. There are great benefits to being intentionally offline and unreachable, to focus. It’s a super productivity boost. You need to be able to write, and have access to all your writing, during these times.”
Derek goes on and says, “NO DEPENDENCIES. If you rely on Word, Evernote or Notion, for example, then you can’t work unless you have Word, Evernote, or Notion. You are helpless without them. You are dependent.
But if you only use plain text, you can use any program on any device, forever. It gives great flexibility and peace of mind. EASIEST TO CONVERT. Plain text can be converted into anything else.”
Question. Want to work with clarity and distraction-free or with overwhelming and complicated options?
Derek Sivers’ email was all about making a case for using plain text to write your thoughts, plans, notes, articles, books, or anything important and not relying on complicated programs.
He even made a case using these programs might be a distraction to focus on the tools instead of your thinking.
As I read Derek’s email, one thing was obvious. I hope you get this as well. Most often, it’s best to keep things simple.
It’s okay to unplug, be offline, and avoid distractions.
In fact, if your aim is to get focused, adopt the ideal of, “give me plain text.”






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