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It’s All Your Fault | Note 052

Are you’re stuck blaming other people and past situations?


I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science with enough credits to have two degrees. I was in college, probably two years too long. Looking back at it, I could have tried to blame my parents for not giving me better guidance. I could try to use the excuse that I went to public school, which lacked the proper resources to prepare me for college. I could try to blame all the college professors and counselors I met along my journey for not doing a better job to help me figure it out. I can think of 2-3 more people I could try to blame, but it doesn’t matter.
I should of made better decisions.
I could of made better decisions.
I would of made better decisions 
if I knew better, 
but I didn’t, 
and it’s my fault.
It’s easy to blame everyone else for your circumstances, but blaming other people for your situation won’t make it better. In fact, as long as you continue to blame others, you’ll stay stuck. You’ll stay a should of, could of, would of. And no one likes a should of, could of, would of person. And secretly, it’s hard to truly love yourself, and embrace what’s ahead when you’re stuck blaming other people and past situations.
If you want to be better, stop making excuses.
Stop blaming everyone and everything.
Acknowledge you’re in the situation you’re in because of your choices and decisions.

Accept that it’s all your fault.






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