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I Watch Myself, Not Others

I Watch Myself, Not Others | Affirmations | Note 490


How often do you judge others?

Not sure if you heard of the book The 5 Minute Prayer – I hadn’t myself, but I picked up my mother’s copy, and as I like to do, I opened the book, landing on a random page.
The title of that page read “Watch Yourself, Not Others,” and that’s what I’m talking about today.
It’s easy to judge people. However, when you can test your own actions, you can take pride in yourself without comparing yourself to someone else.
Why not try to uplift others and yourself?
Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down.
I don’t talk about are criticize others.
I carry my own load.
I do not judge others and how they live.
I do not deceive myself.
I realize I am responsible for my life.
I stopped comparing myself to others.
I ask the universe to direct my mind and help me carry my load.
I watch myself, not others.
Use these affirmations when you first wake up or when you are about to go to bed for the best results. Add emotions to your affirmations. Feel the meaning in the words as you repeat them. Don’t just say the words. Feel and believe they are true.





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