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I Have Unshakeable Optimism

I Have Unshakeable Optimism | Note 540


Do you feel gratitude for the good things in your life?

If you have been with me all week, I appreciate you hanging in there. For those in the US who listen to the Sincerely HER Podcast in the morning, I’m sure you noticed the podcast has not been available until later in the day. I’ve had a tough week, but I promise I’ll do better next week.
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.
I do my best to be impeccable with my word, which is to honor my commitment to show up Monday to Friday and provide you with some daily bite-sized motivation and mindset tips.
Although I’ve delivered the podcast this week, I’ve not done so in a timely matter, and I apologize for that. When your routine is interrupted, it can be challenging.
I would tell any of you to give yourself some grace, and today, I will take my own advice. Next week I’ll do better.
You can go through life as an optimist seeing the great things possible, or you can always look for the negative.
I don’t know about you, but I do my best to see the good in every situation and all the wonderful possibilities life offers. For me, temporary setbacks are learning experiences.
As my mom would say, life goes on. What will you do? And what I do is expect things to work out for the best. One unpleasant experience doesn’t mean everything is going to be horrible.
Typically, on Friday, I do my best to give you eight to ten affirmations to use over the weekend. Today, I’m going to share with you just one.
Grab a pencil and write this affirmation down.
I have unshakeable optimism.
Use this affirmation when you first wake up or when you are about to go to bed for the best results. Add emotions to your affirmations.
Feel the meaning in the words as you repeat them. Don’t just say the words. Feel and believe they are true.




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