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Have You Decided To Fail? | Note 063

Ask yourself, “what should I do” and then do it.


“Indecision is actually the individual’s decision to fail. Many people are indecisive all their lives. From the cradle to the grave, they annoy relatives, friends, and business associates with the constant questions. “Tell me what I should do.” Their subconscious indecision pattern is strong and clear. They seem powerless to break it. They can, but they do not know that they can.”
The quote above is from the book “The Power of Decision” by Raymond Charles Barker.
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Today’s Note: Have You Decided To Fail?

Being a chronic advice seeker is the equivalent of deciding to fail. Always seeking advice is an obvious sign that you cannot make your own decisions or worst, you don’t trust yourself. There is nothing wrong with asking an expert for advice, and failing at something is part of life.
The problem occurs when you can’t make quick, concise decisions or you rely on someone else to make decisions for you. The problem with failing is when you continue to fail and never learn the lesson.
You are an adult. It’s time to break your pattern of indecision. Make quick, concise decisions.
Ask yourself, “what should I do” and then do it.
The next time you are indecisive, or you have the urge to ask a relative, friend, or a business associate who isn’t an expert to tell you what to do, ask yourself, why have you decided to fail?






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