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Focus on One Step at a Time | Note 043

What will bring you closer to the one thing you really want?

People can actually do two or more things at once, such as walk and talk, or chew gum and read a map; but, like computers, what we can’t do is focus on two things at once. Our attention bounces back and forth. This is fine for computers, but it has serious repercussions in humans. – Gary Keller, The One Thing
I appreciate you spending 2 minutes with me today for some bite-sized motivation.
You can do anything you want.
You can have everything you want.
Now is the time to focus.
Focus on what you want to have.
And narrow that focus to the one thing that you are emotionally invested in.
Now focus and take action on the one thing that will bring you closer to the one thing you really want.
Focus on one step at a time.






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