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Your Creative Side Out

Your Creative Side Out | Note 478


Is your creative talent waiting to be found, embraced, grown, and shared with the world?

“I call that living Creative Side Out, which simply means being yourself, doing what you love, and sharing what you do. Our natural interest, curiosity, and desire to learn, explore, and play toward a subject is our inner creativity. It’s who we are at our very core. It’s our authentic self. When we discover that authenticity and allow ourselves the time, energy, and attention to engage our inner creativity, we can use it, grow it, and share it in the outside world. We can live Creative Side Out; we can live the life we are called to live, meant to live, and deserve to live.”

The quote I just read is from the book Discover Your Gift: 12 Signs Your Gift is Calling by Steve Sample.

Are you living your creative side out?





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