Want 3 surprising steps to get unstuck?

You Must Do Something New | Note 103

When you treat yourself like you matter, anything is possible. 

“To make a quantum leap, you’ve got to break out of the rut where you’ve been running. Second-guess your routine. Overcome the addiction to your old methodologies. Set a new pattern.”

The quote I just read is from the book “You Squared: A High-Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps.”  

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Today’s Note: You Must Do Something New!

Conventional approaches teach you if the old way of doing things isn’t broke, then there is nothing to fix. 

But what happens if you’re stuck?

What happens if you’re no longer growing?

What happens if you want to be, do, and have much more?

Better yet, what if you ignored conventional approaches? 

Sometimes you have to abruptly shake up your same old habits and routines. If you want to be, do, and have much more, you can’t revert to what usually works. You must do something new!




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