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You Can’t Afford to Wait | Note 227

When this, when that, I’m going to, one day…

I know a guy. He wanted to see the world. He had plans to see the great pyramids one day. He always said when this, when that, I’m going to, one day, and guess what? He finally decided it was time to travel, but as he was planning his trip, a pandemic affected the world and changed life as we know it.
This guy waited and waited for the perfect moment to travel to all the places on his bucket list. That day doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight, thanks to a pandemic. Now, as the world turns and travel is limited, he may never have a chance to discover ancient Egypt in person.

Today’s Note: You Can’t Afford to Wait

Hoping. Wishing. Doing things that don’t excite you. Saying when this, then that, or one day.
Patience is one thing, but waiting on the perfect moment to experience life is different. Ask yourself, what are you waiting on.
Are the things you are doing today helping you get to where you want to be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or five years from now?
Guess what? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. You can’t afford to wait.



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