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You Are Ready Now | Note 067

Everything you have done until this point today has prepared you to be ready.


I had an interesting conversation with my birthday twin. For those that don’t know, a birthday twin is someone who you share a birthday with. Ironically, her daughter also shares our birthday. 
We talked about taking our time when pulling the trigger and releasing our projects into the world. For me, it was this podcast. It was also my website and the Sincerely HER community website, which I’m still working on.


The words perfectionist and procrastination often cross my mind when I’m hesitating to move forward and release a project into the world. Why? Because I question myself about being ready. My birthday twin is going through something similar. And no, we aren’t scared by any means.

We concluded that we aren’t people who put half-ass things out into the world. We also realized neither of us likes the extra pressure to reveal a project when we aren’t ready. 

Some people will say you should put your project out into the universe even if you aren’t ready.  We believe you only have one time to make a first impression.

It’s okay to feel you aren’t ready, but what I’ve learned is that you’ll never feel like your completely ready. There will always be some minor detail that you believe you can enhance. If you know what you want, you have done all the work, and you have a solid execution plan, it might not be perfect, but you’re probably as ready as you’ll ever be.

Today’s Note: You Are Ready

If you’re ready, you don’t have to get ready. Sure, prepare. 

If you’re a makeup artist, pack your makeup kit.

If you’re a wardrobe stylist, organize your portfolio.

If you’re a content creator, make sure you have a website where people can review your work.

Sitting around waiting to be ready won’t get you anywhere. However, once you have all the key pieces in place, don’t spend a lot of time waiting for the perfect moment to take action. 


Sure, there is always room to grow and enhance your makeup kit if you’re a makeup artist, and re-organize portfolio if you’re a wardrobe stylist, or tweak your website just a bit if you’re a content creator.

There will always be something. But remember, everything you have done until this point today has prepared you to be ready. Even if you think you aren’t ready, guess what you are ready.






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