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Win The Day | Note 202

Don’t go to bed without a plan for tomorrow.


You can’t win if you’re not in the game. You can’t win if you’re wasting time doing shit that won’t get you to the finish line. I reminded myself of that Sunday as I was sitting on the Clubhouse App listening to one of the many marathon Clubhouse rooms that go on for hours and hours.
I’m a winner. I do winner type things. I reminded myself of that, and I will continue to remind myself every time I find I am drifting.
I am ready to win the day. Bump that. I am ready to win the year.
Speaking of win the day, I met James Whittaker from the Win the Day Podcast while hanging out on the Clubhouse App. Super cool guy, so check out his pod!

Today’s Note: Win The Day

Don’t go to bed without a plan for tomorrow. Wake up fresh and ready to attack the day. Whether you start your day with a cold shower, exercising, journaling, or mediation, have a routine.
Follow the plan, but don’t worry about having something scheduled for every minute of the day. Regardless of what is on your success list to accomplish each day, be able to account for the bulk of your time going towards getting sh*t done that helps you reach the finish line of your goals.
What’s important is that you are taking action.
You are taking the necessary steps to win the day.




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