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Why Simplicity is Important

Why Simplicity is Important | Note 476


Do you think less really is more?

I have felt I’ve gotten away from keeping it simple for the last couple of weeks,
Don’t get me wrong, I do a good job at sticking to living a stress-free life, but I’ve been feeling like things are demanding and complicated — including this podcast.
So, I’m going back to the basics. I’ve not only revised the podcast description for this show. I’m also going back to my super bite-sized notes.
I’m preparing to put the podcast on YouTube, and last week as I listened to some of my earlier notes, I got inspired. I want to get back to sharing those kinds of notes. My personal notes. Notes from my journal. Simple yet powerful motivational notes.
Moving forward, expect those kinds of notes.
Keeping things simple makes life easier — it will fix many of your problems.
Everything is easier to understand, and it’s easier to create when you keep it simple.
Letting go of useless and needless stuff is a step in the right direction once you intentionally choose to be happier and more satisfied.
Simplicity makes things clear.
When you find things are too complicated, remind yourself why simplicity is important.




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