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Who is Your Future Self? | Note 237

Who are you?

I’ve thought a lot about who I am and what I want to be known for. I know who I am. I love who I am, but I don’t think my future self loves who I am at this moment.
It may sound wild, but future Tam is completely next level with everything. Future Tam is a beast. She lives part-time in Asia, and she lives in her dream home when not in the US. Future Tam motivational products are available worldwide. She is a best-selling author and drives a Ferrari.
I am happy and grateful for my current life, but I know my life could be much more. Why? Because I have a couple of huge goals, I have a long ways to go before reaching my goals.
I am currently reading the book Personality Isn’t Permanent by Benjamin Hardy, and in one of the companion videos to his book, he asks, who is your future self three years from now?
This question, along with some other hard questions, made me think. Who is Tam?
I’ll ask you, when is the last time you asked yourself about your future self?

Today’s Note: Who is Your Future Self?

When you believe anything is possible, your reality is different.
Now is the best time to pivot and commit to a new future if you aren’t happy. Don’t worry about the how. Decide what you want to do. Ask yourself who do you want to be. Who are you?
Who is your future self?



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