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Who is Going to Stop You? | Note 031

Write any I AM statement that affirms your vision.


If you have been on this journey with me the last month, I appreciate you spending two minutes with me every day. Over the weekend, I took a moment to unplug. One reoccurring thought I had was where do we go from here.
The answer: Some people will continue to worry and complain, and some won’t let anyone or anything stop them and will move forward.
Personally, I’ve always been the person who dared anyone to try and stop me. How about you?

Today’s Note: Who is going to stop you?

Everything you want in life is waiting for you. The only thing standing between you and success is you. Whatever success or failure you experienced is a result of your choices, your thoughts, and your actions.
There may be a hater or two or a family member telling you that something is impossible, but it’s up to you to keep going. There is no excuse and no reason for you not to follow your dreams.
Ask yourself, who is going to stop you?






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