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Can you move on?

Admittedly, I don’t finish every book I start. I am a master at the game of pivoting. Sometimes to a fault.
I’m working on finishing projects I start. But for books, I read, underline, and turn the page. If something doesn’t resonate, I put it on the shelf. I am on to the next book.
The time comes when you need to make a change. Sometimes you have to move on.
It’s okay not to have it all figured out.
It’s okay to try something else.
It’s okay to trust your gut.
Somethings you will need to let go of. Occasionally, you will need to reread a line or two from a previous chapter. That’s okay.
If you can, get to the end of the book. If you can’t, move on to the next.
What’s important is that you keep going forward. You must turn the page.





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