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The Power of Awareness: Truth That Sets You Free

The Power of Awareness: Truth That Sets You Free | Note 471


You realize what you think about yourself matters, right?

Neville Goddard’s book, The Power of Awareness, is all about consciousness and being aware. Some ideas I would like to share from the book include:
Your concept of yourself determines the world you live in. If your idea of yourself were different, everything in your world would be different. The more aware you are of yourself, the better your life will be.
There is no divide between the words “I am” and whatever you say after those words, so be careful what you claim to be because that is the concept and assumption you have of yourself. You are a slave to your assumptions or their master.
Create an ideal within your mind by assuming that you are already that ideal. Identify yourself with it and exercise your imagination. All transformations begin with a desire to be transformed.
Your uncontrolled imagination and lack of attention to the feeling of your wish being fulfilled limits you.
Do not lack imagination or feeling. Accept what you want as fact.
Imagine that you are already experiencing what you desire. You can experience in imagination what you want in reality. Maintaining this experience in imagination is how your desires become an actuality.
This is the truth that sets you free.




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