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Successful People Do Things in Order

Successful People Do Things in Order | Note 452


How will you get to the top?

I’ve always hated the cliche saying, crawl before you can walk. My thought has always been, get there. Get to it. Who cares how?
I still believe you need to take action even when you haven’t completely figured out how, but I also learned — the hard way — sometimes you have to take steps that ultimately will get you to the top. One step becomes two, and two turns into three.
For those of you who have ever worked a corporate job, you know, before you become the Vice President, you are usually a Director. Before becoming a Director, you were probably a manager.
To get to the top, you must start somewhere.
There are a few things to consider if you want to increase your chances of success in your life. In the book, The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It, David Niven suggests one of those things is to learn to do what you are currently doing now very well.
He writes, “If you were making a sandwich, you would do it in order. First a slice of bread, then the fillings and seasonings, then the other slice. It wouldn’t make sense to change the order. Even if you really liked mustard, you wouldn’t put it on the plate first. When we are pursuing our goals, however, we see the steps we want to take and sometimes try to skip the steps that are less exciting. But stepping out of order is ultimately frustrating and futile. Take your goals one at a time, and appreciate the process as you move forward. Otherwise you won’t.”
Basically, to increase your odds of success, do things in order.





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